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EMail Address Finders


In English. Very brite. Six million names all over the world.

Four 11

In English. Not so fast and large than @ddress.finder.


Works only with Finnish eMail Addresses.



Search Engines and Robots

AJR Newslink

This robot searchs news, newspaper's homepages, names and addresses of journalists, etc. Uses NewsLinx's lists, and Alta Vista, CyberHound, Cusi, EINet Galaxy, Infohiway, i-Explorer, InfoSeek Ultra, Internet Sleuth, Harvest, HotBot, Lycos, Magellan, Navigate, NlightN, OpenText, SavvySearch, WebCrawler and Yahoo! andCosmix Mother Load, Metasearch, too.

AltaVista Digital

Copyright: Digital Equipment Corporation. In brief: Has the biggest database in the world. Searching method is based to keywords. AltaVista can be extremely accurate if you know something about that you're looking for. Finds often finds too much; fortunately they have Advanced Search, too.

AltaVista Telia

You can select the country and the language for searches in AltaVista database. Telia comes from Sweden.

AltaVista Technology Inc.

You can use AltaVista Howdy! to send multimedia postcards to friends & family, they call it meMail. You must remember that AltaVista Technology, Inc. is not affiliated with Digital Equipment Corporation, AltaVista Internet Software, Inc. or the AltaVista Internet Search Service. The Digital AltaVista Internet Search Service may be found above. On the contrary, this is the first owner of the name AltaVista.


ANZWERS = Australian & New Zealand Web Enquiry Research System.
Searching all over the word, but is sited in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. It has many variations to use the search.

Ask Jeeves

Jeeves knows about a wide variety of questions. Really, Jeeves answers to your questions!


Searching facts of car sellers and used cars to buy, in Finland.


CelebSite will help you get information about your favorite stars. Behind this is a good search engine, courtesy of Infoseek, and a bunch of information you might find useful: news, biographies, fan mail addresses, credits, vital stats, etc. Did you know, who said: "People generally treat me like I'm very intelligent and really, I'm much less intelligent than she is. Scully is insanely intelligent." Yes, Gillian Anderson, of course, from X-files.


Enter one of your interests and you'll find in which newsgroups they are talking about it. DejaNews (belongs to Google nowadays) browses links to the groups for items of your interests, and you'll may send your own newsmessage to the conversation, straight in the Web, with no Mail Browser.


Related in Europe, but finds data all over the world, too. You can use any European Language. It's very good and seems to be better every day.


One of the best search engines in the world. Excite's statistical approach to indexing and searching is rooted in artificial intelligence research. It finds synonyms for your queries. Excite can also search Usenet news, and has a 60000-site review section. Also bringing you 300 of the world's best magazines and newspapers.

FTP Search

Maybe the largest File Transfer Protocol based file search in the world. Grey and dull.

FTP Sunet

Swedish model of FTP Search.


With 54 million documents, it gives more options for narrowing your search than other engines. One of the best search robots.

Ihmemaa WWW.FI

The best search engine of data, in Finland, in Finnish.



Comprehensive Net resources from University of California, Riverside. Infomine is intended for the introduction and use of Web resources of relevance to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level. It is being offered as a comprehensive showcase, virtual library and reference tool containing highly useful Web resources including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, listservs, online library card catalogs, articles and directories ofresearchers, among many other types of information.">


You'll say what you want, and Infoseek ranks Web pages maybe better than other engines. Although you can so get more of the cream comes out on top, Infoseek's database contains more "oldtimer's" links - out of date - than other engines.

Internet Movie Database Search

Wanna know more about films and series in tv? Ask.

Jumbo Shareware Search


Owned by Finnish telecommunication company Finnet. Knows lot about Finnish URLs.


The Most Cooliest Search Engine In The World...



Lycos claims to have indexed 91 percent of the Web with a spider technology. Indeed, Lycos doesn't index every word on a page, just the 250 most significant words.
Lycos in Swedish.
Includes also searchable multimedia catalog for the Net. You can search for photos, art, designs, videos, music, noises... everything that the written word can't say.


The McKinley Group's offering. Absolutely brilliant, one of the best.


Like yellow pages.


Search by pointing URLs and companys on USA hypermap.


Searches nine major search engines and brings back the results. For those who haven't formed a loyal bond to one engine.

Microsoft Searching

The first aid to begin searching.

Microsoft Yhteishaku

Same stuff in Finnish.

Naughty Linx

Finds only naughty pages. Only for adults.

Nerd World Media


HotWired and Microsoft -based search for using the Web to find late-breaking news and information. "Are you tired of bouncing from site to site, day after day, never sure whether you've missed something new and important about the topics you follow? Then NewBot can help. Searching for exactly the topics you specify, NewBot finds, filters, and delivers the Web's freshest news and information directly to your desktop. Scanning a wide range of sites throughout the day, NewBot's database of breaking news and Web content is the most up-to-date available anywhere. The ultimate personalized agent, NewBot finds online information that matches your interests as soon as it's published, then promptly alerts you." they say.

Nordic Web Index

NWI will search on documents of nordic science libraries.

Open Text

Open Text front page is not the best place to begin searching.
Smarter is to use simplesearch, but it is maybe too simple. Open Text does not do a very good job in finding Web pages. It does, however, use human brainpower to weigh its pages: a search for a company name will likely bring up the appropriate homepage right away.


"On Lycos Now." Commercial Lycos-owned site with Lycos possibilities.


A part of c|net services.


Very famous hyperlinked URL-list with inside search engine. Knows a lot in Finland.


Shareware searching in c|net.

Surf Point

Surf Point offers you nine most popular search engines in the world.

Virtual Software Library

Web Crawler

Meta Agent on Lycos and Infoseek, but has also its own database. Very useful.


Index of Finnish Home Pages. Very good list.

Wired Source

Inktomi powered Meta Agent, which has links to 15 most fabulous search engine in the world. Also news etc.


The Web's largest listing of content by and for women.


The growth-oriented index on the Web. Srinija Srinivasan and her gang of Web surfers record and index some 1500 sites daily! You can submit your own site, too.
Yahoo in Finland and in Finnish.

Yelloweb Europe

A European Web directory that lets users search in seven languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.